Les 12 raccourcis clavier mac indispensables et faciles

Les 12 raccourcis clavier

A different universe with terms apart that must be appropriated …

The Finder helps you manage your files and applications.

The dock that manages customizable applications and especially keyboard shortcuts …

Working on a Mac is for many a rewarding and stimulating experience, it can also be a complex for the beginning of the market, the docker (the bar of customizable applications) ) and especially keyboard shortcuts.

Today we offer a selection of shortcuts to start on mac.

A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys that allows you to execute a program, a function or a command of a program, it helps you save time, it is faster, it is more efficient than it is.

Keyboard shortcuts can consist of one or more keys. More precisely when they are mastered, they quickly become indispensable, as much in the comfort of business as in business to gain in productivity daily. With Mac, Copy, Paste, Cancel and even Emojis will have no secrets for you.

Command + C  : Copy the selected item to the clipboard. This shortcut can also be used with Finder files.

Command + V  : Paste the contents of the clipboard into the current document or app. This shortcut can also be used with Finder files.

Command + X  : Cut the selected item and copy it to the clipboard.

Command + P  : print the active document.

Command + S  : Save the active document.

Command + Z  : Cancel the last action.

Command + A  : select all (photos for example …)

Command + T  : open a new tab.

Control + Command + Space bar  : to display emoticons as on the Iphone.

Option + Command + Esc  : to force the closing of an application.

Shift + Command + N  : to create a new folder in the Finder.

Shift + Command + 5  : to take a screenshot under MacOS Mojave.

By mastering the shortcuts, they will seem very fast and will become automatic.

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